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Jewellery doesn’t change the world, but the woman who wears it does
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Meet the boss babes of Enduring Elegance.
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We listened to our sparkle girls! Check out our FAQ's.

Are you being paid what you are worth?

  1. Do you get recognition from the job you do now? Jewellery, Designer Hand Bags, Mercedes Car Program, Exotic All Expense Paid trips?
  2. Do your co-workers believe in the “Lift each other up” policy? Would you like a tribe of new friends that will stand up and cheer for you at every level of accomplishment?
  3. Does your current income provide flexibility built in for the things most important to you – especially family?
  4. Do you agree with Forbes that “a side hustle is the new job security” or are you worried sick that one day you job or your company will be obsolete?

how did you answer?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of those, your career may not be setting you up to succeed.

But if you answered ‘Yes’ to all of the above, you just might be a Boss Babe of Enduring Elegance!


I am so happy you took the time to check us out. Enduring Elegance is an amazing team of ladies and gents who not only MAKE MONEY – but we have a whole lot of fun while doing it!


We are a Park Lane Jewelry Franchise started in 2016. Located in Mission, BC,  we have Fashion Directors all across Canada, including the NWT…


VP of Sales & Franchise Owner, Mission, BC, Canada

Park Lane is about
and success!

What is all the fuss about Enduring Elegance?

We are committed to the success of every one of our team members.

In fact, we get to sell the most beautiful jewellery, give away hundreds of $ in FREE jewellery to our hosts, and are able to offer a risk free business opportunity all across Canada.

Sound too good to be true? Read what our team has to say about joining Park Lane Jewelry!

Jewellery doesn’t change the world, the woman who wears it does.

We listened to our sparkle girls!

We answered the most commonly asked questions and we are confident you will find the answer to your inquiry. 

fashion stylist

Build a business of your own, built on flexibility, started with-in minutes. Set your own schedule, earn rewards, advancement opportunities and so much more. 

the Stylist opportunity

All personal commissions, 30% up to 50%, are guaranteed to be paid-out weekly with no quotas to keep your position.

Fashion Stylist

30-32% commission
  • Earn an extra 2% upon reaching $5,000 PV

Branch Director

35% commission
  • Mercedes car program eligibility

Area Leader

40 - 50% commission
  • Extra 10% commission with $2,500 PV & annual bonuses

Sales VP

45-50% commission
  • Weekly group & recruiting bonuses, monthly sales bonuses

our mission

Park Lane Jewelry was founded with a revolutionary idea and a noble objective; to offer women and men entrepreneurship that adorns their life with style and success. Dream it & achieve it with Park Lane Jewelry.

host a sparkle party

Learn about hosting your own SPARKLE party with our 5 star program! The best solution for every Girl’s Night, Bridal Shower, and more! Learn about our different business packages and how to get started, along with everything to prepare you for success.Enduring Elegance is proud to offer a renowned fundraising program to help you help those you love.


“By helping other people to achieve their dreams, the goals you have set for yourself will become a reality”

Park Lane Jewelry Philosophy

make a difference

Enduring Elegance is proud to offer a renowned fundraising program to help you help those you love.

50% of all SALES Benefit your Organization

Get in touch with a Stylist.

We can help you design a perfect hosting party or get you started selling Park Lane Jewelry in as little as a few minutes.