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Spring 2016, Franchise Owner & Sales Vice President, Lee Bodner began her journey...
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Started in 1955, at a kitchen table, in a 4-room apartment...
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enduring elegance

A Park Lane Jewelry Franchise est. in 2016

lee bodner

Franchise Owner & VP of Sales, Mission, BC, Canada

After 23 years with another direct sales company, it was time to move on.  Unfortunately, no one seemed to have the incentive programs that I was accustomed to.  An innocent non-business related facebook message sent me on the path to Park Lane.  I must have been impressed…I BOUGHT THE FRANCHISE and we officially opened in March of 2016

Enduring Elegance with Park Lane is located in Mission BC, but we have Fashion Directors all across Canada, including the NWT.  We are one of only 2 Park Lane Franchises in all of Canada – so if you looking for a ground floor opportunity…  THIS IS IT!

“I am a huge believer in karma – when one door closes, another opens…just be smart enough to go thru it.”

28 years in the direct sales industry and I can`t imagine ever working for someone else.  I have 3 sons and although they are now grown, I was able to be there for every school event, every case of the sniffles, every milestone.  I was in charge of my schedule and not at the whim of some employer.   Before I moved to BC (33 years ago) I could never imagine being a “Home Party Rep.”  Thanks goodness I overcame the stereo typing and gave it a try

I have been so blessed to be able to work with and mentor so many incredible women.  This is a POSITIVE, FEEL GOOD, GET REWARDED company – We all need a little of that in our lives.

park lane jewelery

our mission

Park Lane Jewelry was founded with a revolutionary idea and a noble objective; to offer women and men entrepreneurship that adorns their life with style and success. Dream it & achieve it with Park Lane Jewelry.


Founded in Chicago in 1955 by Arthur and Shirley LeVin, (who were just 19 and 16 years old) Shirley Levin knew that women wanted more than what was expected of them in the 1950’s.   For over 6 decades, Park Lane has afforded millions of people the ability to reach for and attain their own dreams. Don’t just Dream…DREAM BIGGER!

As the world’s leading direct sales jewellery party plan company, Park Lane proudly offers exceptional quality jewellery that is backed by an unconditional guarantee.


To strive for excellence in jewellery design and quality, to present generous customer and hostess award programs, and to offer our representatives the most lucrative and rewarding profit/ incentive plan in the direct sales industry.


“By helping other people to achieve their dreams, the goals you have set for yourself will become a reality”

our product

Designed and created with superior craftsmanship and artistry. Versatile, and offers wardrobe enhancement and expansion.  Unconditionally guaranteed.  Updated monthly with new jewellery editions.  Upscale, fashionable, trend-conscious and reasonably-priced.  Designed to coordinate with every wardrobe: casual, contemporary, classic, career, sportswear, after-five, and special occasion attire.

Started in 1955, at a kitchen table, in a 4-room apartment, Park Lane was Shirley and Arthur LeVin’s personal American Dream. For over 6 decades, Park Lane Jewelry has afforded millions of people to reach for and attain their own dreams.


product guarantee

  • You may replace or exchange your item free of charge for up to 120 days after your jewellery was shipped!
  • After 120 days, a small replacement fee of $10 per item + $7 Shipping/Handling is required. Exchanges for a different item are not allowed after 120 days.
  • Note: Watches have a 30 day guarantee period. After 30 days, a replacement fee of $12 + $7 Shipping/Handling is required.
  • A replacement item is guaranteed for a period of 120 days (30 days for watches) and is subject to replacement of the same item only.
  • If you are exchanging a ½ price item within the 120 day time period, you may select ONE item at ½ price. If the requested item is more expensive than the original item, simply pay the difference + sales tax. If the requested item is less expensive than the original item, Park lane will send you the difference + tax in the form of a gift card.
  • Cash refunds will not be given after thirty days from the date of shipment. Shipping charges are not refundable.
  • NOTE: A retired item (an item not featured in the current catalog) that is no longer in stock may be exchanged for a different item up to 1 full year from the purchase date. Proof of purchase and $10 + $7 shipping/handling is required.

team members

Enduring Elegance, a Park Lane Jewelery Franchise est. in 2016

Meet the boss babes of Enduring Elegance

Karen TOBER - Edmonton, Alberta

Senior Division Leader

As a woman going through the chapters of life, I was always looking for a way to provide an income for my family that would give me the flexibility for my loved ones and the earning potential of a six figure income. Wife, Mom and now Grandmother –  Direct Sales has been my vehicle that “Opened My Eyes” and now is also leading the way for my kind of Retirement!  My Dream of owning my Own Business became a successful reality in the Direct Sales Jewellery Business Industry. Good times, Great Style, Companionship, Freedom and Free Worldly Travel has been a dream come true!  It has by far been the most rewarding and fun adventure I’ve ever been on! It’s been a a privilege for the past couple of years to be a part of the Park Lane family an established brand and business model, it is truly is an endless opportunity. Meaningful connections, lifestyle management – financial and flexibility freedom, and we are rewarded like never before!!    Good times and Great Style are always important and there’s a spot at the table for everyone.  I am thrilled to be a part of sharing this legacy with others!

Laurel CHARBONNEAU - Hamilton, Ontario

Division Leader

Park Lane has been a sparkling light in my life. When I first joined Park Lane, it was the idea of showcasing beautiful jewellery with an unconditional guarantee, allowing me to earn all-expenses-paid vacations twice a year. I love being in a company that is about building people up, encouraging, teaching, and cheering each other on. In a world where the day-to-day living can be overwhelming, it is incredible to be appreciated and recognized for doing your job. Earning free jewellery monthly to walking the stage at convention, to vacations to cash rewards, Park Lane never ceases to amaze me with its generosity and constant support. Park Lane has something for everyone, for every style, for every budget, and I’m not just meaning our beautiful jewellery. The opportunity to be a stylist has given me the best of ALL worlds, the friendships, the jewellery, the income, the travel, the ability to dream again, and turn those ‘One day I’ll do that’ into ‘Done that, what’s next’.

Bev THIESSEN, Regina, Saskatchewan

Division Leader

I joined Park Lane over 2 years ago having been in the Direct Sales industry for over 27 years with another company. Park Lane jewellery has been gifted to me over the past few years as rewards for achievements and incentives, so I was familiar with the company and the quality of their jewellery. The opportunity to invest in a kit came at a time where I was ready to be serious about checking out the business model. Wow! The compensation plan, the 65 year long company legacy, the lifetime guarantee on all of their jewellery and the fabulous specials and incentives that Park Lane offers were just speaking to my heart…. so after talking with my husband, who is my greatest supporter, I decided to say YES to Park Lane, and I am so glad I did! Since joining the team, I have experienced an incredibly warm welcome and support with the Enduring Elegance franchise, I am blown away at the increase in income I am receiving and the incentives are amazing! I have a team of women who are all excited to build their own Park Lane business, and that gets me even more excited. To be a part of building other women up in their own income earning potential and personal self esteem and confidence. I am truly excited to see where this venture with Park Lane is going to take me next!

Aisha HADAWAY – Pickering, Ontario

Division Leader

My amazing journey with Park•Lane began as a loyal customer and hostess. I was quite happy to stay in that role for a number of years until my Park Lane fashion director asked me for probably the 5th or 6th time to join. She always expressed the fact that I would be just perfect as a fashion Director because I was already doing the job at most parties I attended and made her job easier. I had two awesome friends with me that day who encouraged me and said they would be my first two parties. Boy am I glad I said yes that day. I realized very quickly that I had met “my people.” I loved that I could work the business around my teaching career and passion for dance and that I have the flexibility to work my business how I want to, with a supportive company, franchise and team supporting me. Did I also mention an amazing pay check and a tons of opportunities to travel….it’s funny now I can’t imagine why it took me so long to say Yes!

Dana CREWS- Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

Area Leader

Years ago, I used to sell jewellery, and I loved it so much, but then sadly that company closed. I did look for other companies that were similar to what I was already involved with, but I didn't come across anything that caught my eye. Then, one day, I see a post by another Stylist for Parklane and I thought, Ooh, what's this now!? So I started looking at the beautiful jewellery and saw the incredible specials and couldn't believe it! The deals are unheard of! Designer inspired pieces, genuine precious stones, and amazing quality. I decided to host a party! My friends loved the selection of pieces, my party was amazing, and I earned phenomenal hostess benefits. Park Lane was exactly what looking for, I signed up and haven't looked back! The inspirational women that I get to work with, the amazing rewards that you can earn, and having fun while making money!!! As a single mom this was exactly what I was looking for and I can't say enough about this amazing company and how they give back to their Stylists! So you may ask "why?", but I say why not?!?!

Pat LAWSON-PAUL – Picton, Ontario

Area Leader

I joined the Park Lane Enduring Elegance team in March 2018. I love the jewellery and was encouraged to join by a friend who is a Fashion Director. I am impressed with the company, the training videos and Tom’s weekly ‘News at Noon’ and the compensation possibilities. I have a full-time career which is quite different than direct sales, so being a Park Lane Fashion Director gives me a chance to meet and form relationships with a whole new group of people. I want others to know that looking good makes you feel good and that goes a long way to helping you be your best in life. I have been amazed how in just a few months I have been gifted with beautiful jewellery, advanced to Branch Director and gotten paid for having fun. I am particularly impressed with the Enduring Elegance team – Lee and all the team members – who support and encourage one another to be the very best not only in direct sales but in life.

Karen F – Hamilton, Ontario

Branch Director

In 2018 I was invited to a styling showcase for Enduring Elegance. Our International VP was there and he asked us what was stopping us from joining Park Lane? My friends were as surprised as I was when I said “Nothing?” I like the idea of earning extra money, but sharing my love of jewellery with friends and family was the biggest draw. Being a transplant nurse I could never wear jewellery to work, but now I wear it every day. I love styling ladies and showing them how to accessorize and get the most from their wardrobe The incentives that Park Lane gives us each month , the recognition we get for goals achieved , the team support, the training and most important the FRIENDSHIPS…these are the reasons I Love what I do.. We have an opportunity to share what we LOVE to do and give a Gift From the Heart.

Shannon H – Vancouver Island

Fashion Director

Of course all the beautiful jewellery but overall – I would have to say it would be all the new friends I have met. I love seeing the new jewellery that is launched every 6 months. It’s always so exciting to see what they come up with next. But guaranteed… It’s always beautiful. Going to the conventions is always so much fun. I had never been to Chicago so that was a first for me. Why did I join? Since I am retired, this keeps me young and on my toes. And because Lee thought I should. Lol. I have to admit I am really enjoying it.

Sharlene B – Stittsville, ON

Area Leader

My entire world changed the day I joined my Enduring Elegance team last. Due to covid, I was starting to feel the negative effects of sadness, depression & loneliness. I immediately felt like I belonged in this sisterhood of amazing, positive women who helped me gain the success I've reached today. This team inspires and lifts each other up. I've started building a team 5 years before my original plan. I love the feeling of excitement after someone new joins us and love that each of them get to experience the benefits of being a Park Lane stylist. Before Park Lane I worried about what my financial situation would be post retirement from my Government job. I am now more than ready for retirement, focus on this side hustle full time and live my best life to the fullest ... worry-free.

Rose PERRY-SPICER - Berwick NS

Branch Director

I am so happy to have just been promoted to Branch Manager for Park Lane Jewelry! I have been with this amazing company since October of 2021 and have enjoyed it every step of the way! I initially joined because I wanted something on the side that was just for me. Joining a Direct Sales Business was definitely out of my comfort zone, and was a little daunting at first, but I was blown away by the support network with this company! In addition to earning a little extra and getting lots and lots of free and heavily discounted jewellery, I feel the experience has also helped my self-confidence grow. It is not hard to see why park Lane is the world's leading direct sales jewellery party plan company!

Terri NIELSEN - Alberta

Fashion Director

I joined Park Lane on a whim in the fall of 2020. I have always LOVED fashion jewellery and had just become a customer of Park Lane and loved the quality and variety of styles that Park Lane offered. I thought I could add to my jewellery collection and make a bit of cash if I was lucky. Well, it has become so much more!! Yes, I have added to my jewellery collection and have made some money, but more than that I have gained new friendships through my customers, who I am helping to make "feel pretty again" and more confident. And if that wasn't enough, I have gained a tribe of women who are my fellow stylists, a team of ladies that I have come to love! This opportunity has enriched my life beyond what I could have imagined and had I not taken the chance, I would have missed out on so much.

Shauna O - Olds, AB

Fashion Stylist

I started off as a customer/hostess and it was a hard NO to doing the business. After attending 3 Mega Parties, I finally said YES to the opportunity and I haven’t looked back! I have been in the top 10 for International sales consistently and I have earned a paycheque & lots free jewellery! There are so many perks for Stylists, Hostesses, & Customers - it continues to blow-me-away and I am in awe as to how well we are treated!! I consider ENDURING ELEGANCE/PARK LANE - FAMILY! We are here for each other and celebrating in each others successes & lift each other up when we need a boost! Its more than a business - its about confidence, feeling beautiful and empowering women!!

Debbie Welch – Chilliwack, BC

Branch Director

Park Lane Jewelry has been such a hi-light in my life…The sisterhood is something to adore! The trips are so much fun, getting to hang out with the beautiful people playing and learning. Tom Judson and Scott Levin are awesome leaders and stay in your head somehow with their positive energy and teachings. I especially love the fact that here are no quotas. When I need to take time off for life’s unexpected turns, I am always welcome with open arms when I come back! Park Lane is part of my life which I hold close to my heart, as well as my STAR COACH LEE BODNER…Always I hope that all who see or read this testimonial, jump on board because the Canadian train is leaving as we truly are on the tipping point of explosive growth in Canada!

I am a huge believer in karma – when one door closes, another opens…just be smart enough to go thru it.

~ Lee Bodner