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We listened to our sparkle girls! Below you will find the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us and a fashion stylists will get back to you!

How do I sign up?

If you were introduced to a Park Lane Jewellery representative: Go to the link ( OF REP) and click on Enroll Today! Be sure to include their name after the /rep/ section of the URL and follow the prompts. However, if you did not meet one of our representatives and would like to inquire how to start your own business, please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch with you soon!

How much does it cost to join?

There are 3 options for joining:

~ Social Influencer Kit: $99 – which gives you $500 in your choice of jewellery, basic supplies, and a personal web-site with the “Shop With Me” function.

~ Standard Kit: $239 – which gives you $1000 in your choice of jewellery, supplies and a personal web-site with the “Shop With Me” function.

~ Presidential Kit: $639 – which gives you $2500 in your choice of jewellery, supplies and a personal web-site with the “Shop With Me” function.

* All 3 options have a one-time $39 Registration Fee.

What is the $39 registration fee?

The $39 is the ONE TIME fee.

It covers your personal website, access to your back office for order placement and customer information capture as well as incredible amounts of training, Contest tracking and more. This fee is non-refundable.

How old do I have to be to join?

You need to be 18 years old to join as a Fashion Director OR 16 years old with parental permission.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

You can input your show orders at anytime into your Back Office, however orders are only “released” for fulfilling, once per week, on Wednesday nights at midnight PACIFIC time. You usually receive your order approximately 7-10 business days later. NOTE: Shows are delivered directly to the Host (unless you as the fashion director specifies otherwise) There are no deliveries required on your part!

How much commission will I earn?

Fashion Directors start at 30% with the ability to earn up to 50% commission. You can easily achieve your first promotion (Branch Director at 35%) in your first month

How long does the average show last?

On average about 2 to 3 hours in home OR 1 hour online.

How can I add to my kit?

The best way to add additional items of jewelry to your kit is via our Rich Rewards Club. Rich Rewards is our monthly program where Fashion Directors can earn FREE jewelry based on each month sales…AND the levels are cumulative!! As a Fashion Director you are also able to be the Hostess at as many parties as you like. This means that you can earn your commission as a Fashion Director at the same time as collecting all the rewards for being a Hostess! Woo Hoo!! Earn commission and FREE Host Rewards at the same time! Plus, of course…you get 30% on each personal order you place.

What are Rich Rewards?

Rich Rewards is Park Lane’s Incentive Reward program…Earn jewellery FREE just for doing your job! And – ALL levels are cumulative. RRC also includes Designer Jewellery which is only available thru RRC. Earn up to $1100 each month in FREE jewellery of your choice AND…Double Jewellery Rewards for new recruits during their first 3 months in some categories

How much is a qualifying party?

The Host Rewards kick in at $300 net.

How do I achieve FREE Expense-Paid trips?

Each trip has different qualifications but each time it requires a combination of recruiting and sales.

Can I make my own Facebook page for my Park Lane business?

Absolutely!! We encourage it! However you are only able to use your name in the page title, ie: “Park Lane Jewellery with Jane Smith." We don’t allow the use of cities, provinces etc to be in the title as there are no set regions in your business.

Are there any quotas?

No. We do ask that you hold a launch party where an experienced Fashion Director will introduce Park Lane to your friends and family. You will receive host benefits from that party and any bookings/private showings/personal consultations will be yours to pursue and start your business.

Do you have a car program?

You bet! Our Mercedes Car Program is available once you attain Branch Director.

What is the jewellery made from?

The jewellery is made from Brass or White Jewellers Metal and plated in gold, rose gold, rhodium or hematite. There is a document available on your Park Lane Back Office site with further details.

Can the earrings be worn in sensitive ears?

Yes, Park Lane earring posts are only surgical steel and we have had many customers tell us they could wear Park Lane when nothing else worked for them.

Does the jewellery have nickel in it?

Park Lane Jewellery is nickel-safe.

If someone is allergic to fashion jewellery, what can I recommend?

Park Lane has an amazing range of beads, leather, fabric, crystals, and pearls in case one of your customers is allergic to metal jewellery.

Are there any tax benefits to joining Park Lane Jewelry?

Park Lane is considered a Home Based business and as such tax deductions would be applicable. Check with your accountant to see which business expenses you would be able to claim.

What countries is Park Lane Available in?

USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Australia, Germany, NZ, the Philippines, Greece, Switzerland, Italy and Park Lane is opening in other new markets very soon.

If I have someone who wants to join from another country, what is the process?

Please contact us and we will pass the information on to Tom Judson, the Vice President of International Sales

Is there anyone I can contact if I need help?

Your upline is the first person you want to contact. If they are not available please contact Lee, by email at or office at 604-820-1907